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Back To The Coal Mine Sara Evans Coal Mine Ja Joel Cormery Advanced 32   Spanish Event 08-01-2014 4 wall line dance Real Fine Place SEL13 
Birth d'Elvis Elvis vs JXL A Little Less Conversation Nee Jerome Massiasse Novice 32 118   Spanish Event 08-01-2014 4 wall line dance  SEL13 
Blurred Lines Robin Thicke ft. T.I. & Pharrell Williams Blurred Lines Nee Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos Improver 32 120   Linedance Star Awards Kalkar 26 Juli 2013 / Spanis 18-04-2013 4 wall line dance  LW130726+SEL13 
Booty Voodoo Lee Coulter Booty Voodoo  Rob Glover & Roy Hadisubroto Novice / Intermediate 48 116   Linedance Star Awards Kalkar 26 Juli 2013 / Spanis 27-08-2013 4 wall line dance Lee Coulter LW130726+SEL13 
Boys & Girls / Boys And Girls Reba McEntire If I Were A Boy Ja Gary Lafferty Beginner 32 90  Smooth / Night Club Two Step SDCWD / Spanish Event 03-11-2013 4 wall line dance All The Woman I Am SDCWD1303+SEL13 
Brasil Ole Ole Ola Valdi & Jean Martinez Todo Loco Nee Roy Verdonk & Wil Bos Intermediate 68 136   Linedance Star Awards Kalkar 26 Juli 2013 / Spanis 24-04-2013 4 wall line dance Caribe Mix Summer LW130726+SEL13 
Bright Side Of My Heart Sam Gray Bright Side Of My Heart  Alison Biggs Improver 32 96   Ria Vos / Spanish Event 26-05-2013 4 wall line dance Too Much Of A Good Thing RV1306+SEL13 
Burning Bridges Mariotti Brothers Burning Bridges  Thierry Dudognon Intermediate 72   Spanish Event 08-01-2014 4 wall line dance  SEL13 
Calor Amores Juan Magan Mal De Amores Nee Rob Fowler Intermediate 64 128   Spanish Event 14-01-2014 2 wall line dance  SEL13 
Captain Polka Elena Gheorghe Your Captain Tonight  Joan Morro Newcomer 32   Spanish Event 14-01-2014 2 wall line dance Grand Slam 2012 Vol. 2 SEL13 
Common Ground Mait Seger Common Ground  Kaie Seger Newcomer 32   Spanish Event 21-01-2014 4 wall line dance  SEL13 
Cowboys Shake It Gwyneth Paltrow Shake That Thing  Aurelien Marquet Intermediate 40 132   Spanish Event 21-01-2014 4 wall line dance  SEL13 
Dancing In The Moonlight Jessie J. Domino Nee Joel Cormery Novice 32   Spanish Event 21-01-2014 4 wall line dance  SEL13 
Deejay Love Chenelle Feel In Love With The DJ Nee Roy Hadisubroto Newcomer / Novice 32 100   Spanish Event 21-01-2014 4 wall line dance  SEL13 
Diamond Cutter Rihanna Diamonds Nee Benny Ray Intermediate 32 92   Spanish Event 21-01-2014 4 wall line dance Unapologetic SEL13 
Don't Hurt Me Aaron D. & DJ Wes Do You Really Want To Hurt Me Nee Marlene de Preez & Daniel Steenackers Easy Intermediate 64 130   Spanish Event 08-02-2014 2 wall line dance Toco Dance Party Vol. 3 SEL13 
Don't Think I Can't Love You Jake Owen Don't Think I Can't Love You  Carthy Meriot Novice 48 120   Spanish Event 08-02-2014 2 wall line dance Don't Think I Can't Love You SEL13 
Donegal Wandering Jackson Mackay & John Permenter Donegal Wandering  Kate Sala Improver 32   Spanish Event 05-11-2013 4 wall line dance  SEL13 
Fading Lights Billy Bubba King Little By Little Nee Kate Sala Easy Improver 32   Spanish Event 16-12-2013 4 wall line dance  SEL13 
Feel Like A Man PeTE Feel Like A Man  Benny Ray Newcomer 64 200   Spanish Event 08-02-2014 4 wall line dance Feel Like A Man SEL13