Provincie Overijssel
Jaar (Multiple Items)
Maart 2018 - Overijssel                  
Dans / Choreograaf Artiest - Song W C N P DA VA Naam Club Total
Mexican Wind / Julie & Steve Ebel Jann Browne - Mexican Wind W     P Ja Ja Fox Forest Country Dancers 1
For The Ages / Diana Dawson The Mavericks - For The Ages   C     Ja Ja Free Like A Bird 1
Double Down Two Step / Michelle Burton Donny Lee - Chip And A Chair W C     Ja Ja Western Express 1
Never Ending Love / Jules Langstaff Crystal Gayle - Never Ending Song Of Love W C     Ja Ja Country Dancers Marle 1
Louisiana Lou / Chris Hodgson The Tractors - Linda Lou W C     Ja Nee Country Dancers Marle 1
All God's Children / Yvonne Anderson Robert Mizzell - Travelling Shoes W C     Ja Ja Country Line Dance 'Veenlust' 1
Cowgirls / French Cowgirls Sunny Cowgirls - I Wanna Be A Farmer W C     Ja Ja Highfield Country Dancers 1
Grand Total                 7