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Betcha Neva Cherie Betcha Neva  Rob Fowler Intermediate 32 92   DCWDA 31-12-2006 4 Wall line dance Cherie DCWDA42 
Crazy Heart The Bellamy Brothers Crazy From The Heart Ja Mary Kelly Beginner 32 134   DCWDA 24-12-2006 4 Wall line dance Angels & Outlaws DCWDA42 
Doesn't Matter Kevin Fowler Lost My Heart In Oklahoma Ja Glynn Rodgers (Applejack) Intermediate 32   DCWDA 29-12-2005 2 Wall line dance  DCWDA42 
Get Around Keith Anderson Wrap Around Ja Pepper Siquieros Novice 32   DCWDA 31-12-2006 4 Wall line dance  DCWDA42 
Hammerhead Stew Delbert McClinton Hammerhead Stew Ja Kathy Brown Intermediate 32   DCWDA 29-12-2005 4 Wall line dance Cost Of Living DCWDA42 
If Only I Could Adam Brand Never Live Without You Ja Robbie McGowan Hickie Intermediate 64   DCWDA 24-12-2006 4 Wall line dance Adam Brand DCWDA42 
Kill The Spiders Brad Paisley You Need A Man Around Here Ja Gaye Teather Intermediate 32 132   DCWDA 31-12-2006 2 Wall line dance Time Well Wasted DCWDA42 
Wright Or Wrong The Wrights On The Rocks Ja Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs  48   DCWDA 29-12-2005 2 Wall line dance Down This Road DCWDA42