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All Around Jason Allen You Make My Love Go Round Ja Robbie McGowan Hickie Intermediate 40 108   Black Stone 05-07-2009 4 wall line dance The Twilight Zone BSCD0905 
All I Got Maaike Everything I've Got Nee Robbie McGowan Hickie Intermediate 64 120 klik hier   Black Stone 05-07-2009 4 wall line dance  BSCD0905 
Anything Goes Randy Houser Anything Goes Ja Kate Sala & Sharon Newey Intermediate 32 70 klik hier  Black Stone 05-07-2009 2 wall line dance  BSCD0905 
Go Mama Go Ann Tayler Let Your Momma Go Ja Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Beginner / Intermediate 64 162  Smooth / Two Step SCDF / Black Stone / DCWDA / ACWDB 05-05-2009 4 wall line dance Let Your Momma Go BSCD0905+000007+DCWDA70+ACWDB70 
I Feel Bad Dean Miller I Feel Bad Ja Lambert & Marleen Intermediate 64 122   Black Stone 14-10-2009 Partner dance Most Awesome 2 BSCD0905 
JJ's Cha Cha Tim McGraw She Never Let's It Go To Her Heart Ja JV & Jan Hanway Intermediate 64 108   Black Stone 05-07-2009 2 wall line dance All I Want BSCD0905 
Priorities In Line The Bellamy Brothers Get Your Priorities In Line Ja Peth Colida Beginner / Intermediate 32 136   Black Stone 05-07-2009 2 wall line dance Rebels Without A Clue BSCD0905 
Still Waiting Kirsty Lee Akers I Don't Know What Love Is Ja Robbie McGowan Hickie Intermediate 48 122  Rise & Fall / Waltz Ria Vos / SCDF / Black Stone 10-05-2009 4 wall line dance Better Days RV0904+BSCD0905+000008 
Take It All Darius Rucker All I Want Ja Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Intermediate 64 122  Lilt / East Coast Swing SCDF / Black Stone 10-05-2009 2 wall line dance Learn To Live BSCD0905+000008+000009 
Three Nickles Ricky Lynn Gregg Three Nickles And A Dime Ja Debby Ellis Beginner 32 132   Black Stone 05-07-2009 4 wall line dance  BSCD0905 
Too Many Tears Sabina 9.999.999  Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk Beginner 32 123   Black Stone 05-07-2009 4 wall line dance  BSCD0905