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Barbed Wire Waltz Tim McGraw Shotgun Rider Ja Christopher Petre Beginner / Intermediate 48   Black Stone 22-05-2008 4 wall line dance Let It Go BSCD0805 
Don't Think Twice David Ball Don't Think Twice Ja Jeanette Tisch Beginner / Intermediate 64 145   Black Stone 25-06-2008 4 wall line dance Thinkin Problem BSCD0805 
Greystone Collin Raye Angel Of No Mercy Ja Rob Fowler Beginner / Intermediate 32 91   Black Stone 25-06-2008 4 wall line dance Extremes BSCD0805 
Honky Tonk Dream Glenn Rogers Honky Tonk Dream Ja Al Vigus Intermediate 32 163   Black Stone 25-06-2008 4 wall line dance Rebel De Amor BSCD0805 
Never Change Chris Gray Some Things Never Change  Robbie McGowan Hickie Beginner / Intermediate 64 148   Ria Vos / Black Stone / DCWDA 25-06-2008 4 wall line dance Honestly RV0806+BSCD0805 
No More You Ilse DeLange & Cash On Delivery No More You Ja Ide 'Countrybob' Ongers Novice / Intermediate 64 104   Black Stone 02-02-2008 4 wall line dance  BSCD0805 
Rollin In My Sweet Baby's Arms Boxcar Willie Rollin In My Sweet Baby's Arms Ja Diana Dawson Intermediate 64 144   Black Stone 22-05-2008 4 wall line dance King Of The Railroad BSCD0805 
Speak Softly Gene Watson Speak Softly You're Talking To My Heart Ja Jeanne Koolen / Tjaney K Beginner / Intermediate 32 98   Black Stone 25-06-2008 4 wall line dance Greatest Hits BSCD0805 
Spilled Perfume Gil Grand Spilled Perfume  Lily Lizuka Intermediate 32 121   Black Stone 25-06-2008 4 wall line dance Famous First Words BSCD0805 
Storm Thunder Sunshine Dr. Hook Storms Never Last  Peth Colida Intermediate 64 118   Black Stone 22-05-2008 4 wall line dance Pleasure & Pain BSCD0805 
The Last To Know Paul Bailey The Last To Know  Kalvin & Patricia Finch Intermediate 64 92   Black Stone 25-06-2008 Partner dance Love Me Forever BSCD0805