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Good Time The Dance From The Video Alan Jackson Good Time Ja Jenny Cain Beginner 48   DCWDA / ACWDB 08-08-2008 4 wall line dance Good Time DCWDA63+ACWDB63 
I'm In Chains Jenai Lyin To My Heart Ja Irene Groundwater Beginner 32 124   DCWDA / ACWDB 00-00-0000 2 wall line dance  DCWDA63+ACWDB63 
In Love With Me Vince Gill & Terri Clark I Can't Keep You In Love With Me Ja Gilles Labrecque Novice 36 135  Lilt / East Coast Swing SCDF / DCWDA / ACWDB 04-10-2007 Partner dance Songs of The Louvin Brothers 000028+DCWDA63+ACWDB63 
Key Lime Pie Kenny Chesney Key Lime Pie Ja Barb Addeo Novice 32 118   DCWDA / ACWDB 00-00-0000 4 wall line dance  DCWDA63+ACWDB63 
Old 97 Boxcar Willie The Wreck Of The Old 97 Ja Diana Dawson Beginner / Intermediate 32 126   DCWDA / ACWDB 00-00-0000 4 wall line dance King Of The Road DCWDA63+ACWDB63 
Singing The Song Amy MacDonald This Is The Life Nee Pim Humphrey Beginner / Intermediate 32   DCWDA / ACWDB 00-00-0000 4 wall line dance This Is The Life DCWDA63+ACWDB63 
Sweetabout Gabriella Cilmi Sweet About Me Nee Linda Burgess & Sobrielo Philip Gene Novice 64 133  Lilt / East Coast Swing DCWDA / ACWDB 00-00-0000 4 wall line dance  DCWDA63+ACWDB63 
Take Back Brad Paisley I'll Take You Back Ja Petra Geens Intermediate 48 123  Lilt / Polka SCDF / DCWDA / ACWDB 22-05-2008 2 wall line dance Time Well Wasted 000022+DCWDA63+ACWDB63