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Chicago Gold Beau Monga Gold Digger  Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat, Simon Ward Advanced 64    27-10-2019 2 wall line dance Beau Monga  
Do It Like This Do It Like That Olly Ana Write My Story  Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Intermediate 80 118    27-10-2019 2 wall line dance   
Everyone Of Us Rick Astley Everyone Of Us Nee Tina Argyle Improver 32    27-10-2019 4 wall line dance   
Jimmy Tones And I Jimmy  Magali Chabret Intermediate 16    27-10-2019 2 wall phrased line dance The Kids Are Coming  
Just In Time Paul Carrack Where Does The Time Go  Hayley Wheatley Improver 32    27-10-2019 2 wall line dance   
Love In The Fast Lane Florida Line Speed Of Love  Patricia E. Stott Intermediate 64 100   Maple Leaf 27-10-2019 2 wall line dance Can't Say I Ain't Country LDWML1911 
Shake That Thang Dave Sheriff Cowgirl Swing  Pat Newell Beginner 32    27-10-2019 2 wall line dance   
These Boots Lady Antebellum Boots Ja Magali Chabret Beginner 32 126    27-10-2019 4 wall line dance Ocean