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Flame Laine Hardy Flame  Dee Musk Easy Intermediate 48 92    26-02-2020 2 wall line dance   
For Every Star The Shires Independence  Alexis Strong & David Thomas Intermediate 64    26-02-2020 4 wall line dance   
I Wanna Be Your Everything The BeeGees I Just Want To Be Your Everything Nee Judy Rodgers High Beginner 32    26-02-2020 2 wall line dance   
It's Party Time Joe Jonas It's Party Time  Roy Verdonk & Daniel Trepat Improver 64    26-02-2020 2 wall line dance   
Kiss Somebody Julie Bergan & Seeb Kiss Somebody  Lars Kuif Beginner 32    26-02-2020 4 wall line dance   
Light Up The Sky Chad Brownlee Hearts On Fire  Rob Fowler Improver 32 128    26-02-2020 4 wall line dance   
One 2 Go Kris Bradley Vacay For The Day  Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Improver 48    26-02-2020 2 wall line dance Worth A Shot  
Quite Miss Home James Arthur Quite Miss Home  Julia Wetzel Intermediate 32 96    26-02-2020 2 wall line dance   
Se Mig Barbados Se Mig Nee Judy Rodgers Beginner / Improver 32    26-02-2020 4 wall line dance   
Underdog Alicia Keys Underdog Nee Magali Chabret High Beginner 32 90    26-02-2020 4 wall line dance