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All Irish Derek Ryan Irish Medley  Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Improver 56    26-01-2020 4 wall line dance The Entertainer Live  
Colorful Jukebox The Ghost Colorful  Guillaume Richard Intermediate 64    26-01-2020 2 wall line dance   
Every Time Danny Vera Every Time  Antoinette de Veth-Claassens Improver 48 62    26-01-2020 4 wall line dance Every Time  
For Robbie James Dupre For A Dancer  Lisa McCammon Improver 32 112    26-01-2020 4 wall line dance   
Gotta Get Up Tyrone Wells Gotta Get Up  Robbie McGowan Hickie Intermediate 64 106    26-01-2020 2 wall line dance   
I Won't Have To Worry Anymore Jeff & Sheri Easter I Won't Have To Worry Anymore  Marja Urgert & Jan van Tiggelen Beginner 32    26-01-2020 4 wall line dance   
Oh Oh Na Na Cha Levi Hummon Songs We Sang  Jef Camps, Roy Verdonk High Beginner 32   Maple Leaf 26-01-2020 4 wall line dance  LDWML2002 
Red Is The Rose Orla Fallon ft. Tommy Fleming Red Is The Rose  Gary O'Reilly Intermediate 32    26-01-2020 2 wall line dance   
Thinkin Bout You Ciara Thinkin Bout You  Craig Bennett Intermediate 32 110    26-01-2020 4 wall line dance   
What A Man Gotta Do Jonas Brothers What A Man Gotta Do Nee Julia Wetzel Low Intermediate 32 113    26-01-2020 4 wall line dance