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Bedroom Talk Bexar Bedroom  Judy Rodgers Easy Improver 32    23-09-2019 4 wall line dance   
Born To Love You Queen I Was Born To Love You Nee Judy Rodgers Improver 32    23-09-2019 4 wall line dance Queen Forever  
Change Your Mind Tori Kelly Change Your Mind  Magali Chabret Improver 32    23-09-2019 4 wall line dance Inspired By True Events  
Crazy Love Michael Buble Crazy Love Nee Judy Rodgers Easy Intermediate 48    23-09-2019 2 wall line dance Crazy Love  
Everybody Falls In Love Again Ruud Hermans Everybody Falls In Love Again Ja Francien Sittrop Beginner 32 112    23-09-2019 4 wall line dance   
Floor It Kadooh Floor It  Rob Fowler Improver 48 112   Maple Leaf 23-09-2019 4 wall line dance Floor It LDWML1909 
Flower Power Jack & Tim Thinking About You  Ivonne Verhagen & Kate Sala Improver 32    23-09-2019 4 wall line dance   
If Your Mother Knew Charlie Puth Mother  Daniel Trepat & Jamie Barnfield Intermediate 32    23-09-2019 4 wall line dance   
Limelight Nicholas McDonald Limelight  Fred Whitehouse Advanced 48   Maple Leaf 23-09-2019 2 wall line dance Limelight LDWML1909 
My Side Of The Fence Dan & Shay My Side Of The Fence  Judy Rodgers Improver 32    23-09-2019 4 wall line dance