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Cherry On Top Johnny Stimson Gimmie Gimmie  Debbie Rushton, Guillaume Richard, Darren Bailey Advanced 32   Ria Vos 21-10-2019 2 wall phrased line dance Gimme Gimme RV1910 
Danny's Song The Swon Brothers Danny's Song  Maddison Glover Intermediate 32   Ria Vos 21-10-2019 2 wall line dance The Season 4 Collection RV1910 
Faithful Soul Celtic Woman Faith's Song  Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher Intermediate 90   Ria Vos / Maple Leaf 21-10-2019 2 wall line dance Ancient Land RV1910+LDWML1911 
Hey Now Ira Losco Hey Now  Gary O'Reilly Intermediate 32   Ria Vos 21-10-2019 4 wall line dance No Sinner No Saint RV1910 
Up In The Air Marc Martel Up In The Air  Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward Intermediate 64 110   Ria Vos 21-10-2019 2 wall line dance The Prelude RV1910 
You Gotta Work Daphne Willis ft. Lonis Work For It  Ria Vos Easy Intermediate 32   Ria Vos 21-10-2019 4 wall line dance  RV1910