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Angelina Michael English Angelina  Laura Sway & Rob Fowler Improver 64 94    19-08-2019 4 wall line dance   
Cold Little Heart Joshua Unitt & Sabrina Fisher Cold Little Heart  K. Sholes & Shirley Blankenship High Beginner 32    19-08-2019 4 wall line dance   
Rock On Over To My Place Daniel O'Donnell Come On Over To My Place  Pat Newell Beginner 32    19-08-2019 2 wall line dance   
Rolling With Love Delta Goodrem Hopelessly Devoted To You  Heather Barton & Simon Ward Advanced 40   Ria Vos 19-08-2019 2 wall line dance I Honelstly Love You RV1909 
Tequila Little Time Jon Pardi Tequila Little Time  Larry Bass High Beginner 32    19-08-2019 4 wall line dance   
The One I Don't Have Jerry Webb The One I Don't Have  DJ Dan Improver 32    19-08-2019 2 wall line dance   
Thousand Times Lionel Ritchie Hello Nee Niels B. Poulsen Intermediate 32 62  Smooth / Night Club Two Step. Ria Vos 19-08-2019 2 wall line dance Can't Slow Down RV1909 
Wanna Know Bexar Naked  Niels B. Poulsen High Intermediate 32    19-08-2019 2 wall line dance   
Willpower Claire Richards On My Own - Until Dawn  Robbie McGowan Hickie Intermediate 64 124    19-08-2019 2 wall line dance On My Own