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Blinding Lights The Weeknd Blinding Lights  Gudrun Schneider & Danny Dick Easy Improver 32    08-02-2020 4 wall line dance   
Brick House The Commodores Brick House  Judy Rodgers High Beginner 32    08-02-2020 4 wall line dance   
Can't Control Your Feet Swingrowers No Strings Attached  Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Intermediate 64    08-02-2020 2 wall line dance   
Come Here U Carlene Carter Come Here U Ja Yvonne Anderson Intermediate 48    08-02-2020 4 wall line dance Little Acts Of Treason  
Good Memories Lexi Larsen Good Memories  Adriano Castagnoli Low Intermediate 64    08-02-2020 2 wall line dance   
I'm Still In Love With You Bouke Turn Back Time  Antoinette de Veth-Claassens Beginner 32 112    08-02-2020 2 wall line dance Turn Back Time  
One By One Broken Back One By One  Magali Chabret Beginner 32 102    08-02-2020 4 wall line dance Good Days  
Ride Me Back Home Willie Nelson Ride Me Back Home Ja Lars Kuif Low Intermediate 60    08-02-2020 2 wall line dance   
Through December Merle Haggard If We Make It Through December Ja Marie Sorensen Improver 72    08-02-2020 2 wall line dance Country Memories  
Writing On The Wall Alan Jackson You Don't Have To Paint Me A Picture Ja Gary Lafferty Improver 32    08-02-2020 2 wall line dance