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Bloodline Harper Grae Bloodline  Tina Argyle Improver 56   Maple Leaf 07-02-2019 4 wall line dance Bloodline LDWML1902 
Blue Tacoma Russel Dickerson Blue Tacoma  Daan Geelen Novice 32   Western Experience 2019 07-02-2019 2 wall line dance  WE19 
Call For A Good Time Toby Keith / Simon Burridge How Do You Like Me Now Ja Laura Jones Intermediate 64 100   Western Experience 2019 07-02-2019 2 wall line dance  WE19 
Cherry Bomb River Town Saints Cherry Bomb  Rob Fowler Improver 32 96   Maple Leaf 07-02-2019 4 wall line dance Cherry Bomb LDWML1902 
Country Music Made Me Do It Carlton Anderson Country Music Made Me Do It  Sascha Wolf Beginner 32    07-02-2019 4 wall line dance   
Favourite Thing Fleur East Favourite Thing  Kate Sala Intermediate 64    07-02-2019 4 wall line dance   
Feel My Riddim Skibby Feel My Riddim  Daan Geelen & Yvonne Smeets Novice 32 128   Western Experience 2019 07-02-2019 4 wall line dance  WE19 
Giant Calvin Harris & Rag 'n' Bone Man Giant Nee Roy Verdonk & Jose Miguel Belloque Vane High Improver 32    07-02-2019 4 wall line dance   
Go Down The Road C2C Down The Road  Sebastiaan Holtland Improver 32    07-02-2019 4 wall line dance   
Gonna Be You Jade Eagleson Still Gonna Be You  Adriano Castagnoli Intermediate 64   Maple Leaf 07-02-2019 2 wall line dance Jade Eagleson LDWML1902 
Heavenly Day Patty Griffin Heavenly Day  Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot Intermediate 32    07-02-2019 2 wall line dance Children Running Through  
Hello My Love Westlife Hello My Love  Nee April Coady Improver 64    07-02-2019 2 wall line dance   
Honey I'm Lost The Dooley's  Honey I'm Lost  Kim Ray Improver 32 128    07-02-2019 4 wall line dance The Best Of The Dooley's  
I'm In Love The Pointer Sisters I'm In Love Nee Marja Urgert & Jan van Tiggelen Beginner 32    07-02-2019 4 wall line dance   
It's All In The Kiss Ricky Cook It's All In The Kiss  Gary Lafferty Intermediate 64 110   Maple Leaf 07-02-2019 2 wall line dance Ricky Cook LDWML1902 
Just A Phase Adam Craig Just A Phase Ja Fred Whitehouse Intermediate 32 klik hier  Maple Leaf / Ria Vos 07-02-2019 2 wall line dance Adam Craig LDWML1902+RV1903 
Kiss That Girl Goodbye Aaron Watson Kiss That Girl Goodbye  Roy Verdonk & Sebastiaan Holtland Intermediate 56    07-02-2019 2 wall line dance   
Let Me Down Slowly Alec Benjamin ft. Alessia Cara Let Me Down Slowly  Julia Wetzel Intermediate 32 75    07-02-2019 4 wall line dance   
Lost In The Middle Of Nowhere Kane Brown ft. Becky G. Lost In The Middle Of Nowhere  Gudrun Schneider & Christina Yang Improver 32    07-02-2019 3 wall line dance   
Made For Now Janet Jackson & Daddy Yankee Made For Now  Daan Geelen & Tommie Nijhuis Novice 32   Western Experience 2019 07-02-2019 4 wall line dance  WE19