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See A Cowboy Cry Rudy Parris Cowboy Cry  Daisy Simons High Beginner 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Shake Rumble And Quake Bonti ft. Latif Shake Rumble And Quake  Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Intermediate 64 82   Ria Vos 03-11-2017 4 wall line dance  RV1710 
She Bangs Tango Vio Friedmann She Bangs  Kenny Teh Easy Intermediate 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
She's Gone Arash ft. Mohombi Se Fue Nee Roy Verdonk, Jonas Dahlgren & Jef Camps Intermediate 64    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance   
Should Be Loved Hunter Hayes ft. The Shadowboxers You Should Be Loved  Rachael McEnaney Intermediate 32 120   DCWDA / ACWDB 03-11-2017 4 wall line dance  DCWDA137+ACWDB137 
Six Mexican Beers George Strait Wish You Well Ja Gaye Teather Improver 32 100    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance Cold Beer Conversation  
Soul City Rod Stewart The Motown Song  Kim Ray Improver 32 116    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Stay Strong Jess And The Bandits I'm Not Coming Home  Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Improver 32 98    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Story Drake White Story  Maddison Glover High Improver 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Sucker For You Matt Terry Sucker For You  Karl-Harry Winson High Intermediate 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Summer Boo Crossfire Summer Boo  Francien Sittrop Improver 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Survive Hermes House Band I Will Survive Nee Raymond Sarlemijn Intermediate 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
T C Tango Anamor ft. Toni Salazer Tango De Pasion Nee Gaye Teather Absolute Beginner 32 127    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
The Line Ford Thurston ft. Brynn Marie Hung Me On The Line  Flavia Ruzzier Intermediate 64 95    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Tractors Derek Ryan Friends With Tractors  Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Improver 34    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Union Mare Shuffle Martin Michiels Union Mare Confederate Grey Ja Greywolf & Wiya Wambli Beginner / Intermediate 64    03-11-2017 Partner dance   
We Just Keep Falling In Love Jake Worthington Just Keep Falling In Love  Rep Ghazali Improver 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
We Need A Wife Kim Paige We Need A Wife  Heather Barton Improver 32    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance   
Wrong Turns The Munsick Boys Wrong Turns  Laurent Chalon Intermediate 64    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance