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Keep On Dancing Steve Miller Band Dance Dance Dance  Tracy Hoo & Jennifer Choo Intermediate 48    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Let's Go To Louisiana Scooter Lee Let's Go To Louisiana  Maddison Glover & Jo Thompson High Beginner 32 148    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance Don't Mind If I Do  
Life After Love Rookies Believe  Dwight Meessen Improver 32 120    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Lonely For You Only Midland Lonely For You Only  Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Beginner 32 109    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Love Is Love LeAnn Rimes Love Is Love Is Love Ja Willie Brown & Heather Barton Intermediate 64 116    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance   
Love So Soft Kelly Clarkson Love So Soft  Maggie Gallagher Intermediate 64   Ria Vos 03-11-2017 2 wall line dance  RV1710 
Lucky Touch Luke Combs When It Rains It Pours  Tina Argyle Improver 40   DCWDA / ACWDB 03-11-2017 4 wall line dance  DCWDA137+ACWDB137 
Makin' Me Say Brett Young Makin' Me Say  Annette Haslund Improver 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance Brett Young  
Man Behind The Sun Callum Beattie Man Behind The Sun  Yvonne Anderson, Dave and Debbie Morgan Intermediate 32    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance   
Nothin' About Love Ashla Taylor Nothin' About Love  Laurent Chalon Beginner 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Now I See Tracy Lawrence I See It Now Ja Kim Ray & Shelly Guichard Intermediate 60 92    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance   
Oh Carol Neil Sedaka Oh Carol  Roy Verdonk, Jonas Dahlgren & Jef Camps Absolute Beginner 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
On The Loose Niall Horan On The Loose  Sebastiaan Holtland High Improver 64    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance Flicker  
One Billion Rising One Billion Rising Break The Chain  Rep Ghazali Intermediate 64    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance   
One Night Stand Luke Combs Honky Tonk Highway  Robbie McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson Intermediate 64 132    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance This One's For You  
Overnight Succes Scooter Lee Overnight Succes  Rosie Multari, John Robinson, Jo Thompson High Beginner 32 142    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance Don't Mind If I Do  
Paint The Town Bernie Heaney Paint The Town  Audrey Watson Improver 32    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance   
Rainy Day Kenny Chesney Save It For A Rainy Day Ja Angy Beginner 64 155    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance   
Reach My Heart Ronnie Beard Far To Go  Rudy Honing Intermediate 64    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance   
Reggeaton Lento CNCO & Little Mix Reggaeton Lento Nee Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Intermediate 32 94    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance