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A Natural Woman Lauren Alaina (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman  DJ Dan & Sofia Improver 48   DJ Dan 03-11-2017 2 wall line dance  DJD1711 
Animal Alvaro Soler Animal Nee Francien Sittrop Intermediate 64    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance Eterno Agosto  
As The First Time Kacy Hill First Time  Roy Verdonk, Sebastiaan Holtland, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane High Intermediate 40    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance Like A Woman  
Baby Don't Hurt Me Lost Frequences What Is Love 2016  Dwight Meessen Intermediate 64 128    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance Less Is More  
Backbeat Jamie Lee Thurton For Lovin' You  Merce Orriols Intermediate 64 176    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance   
Boots Bernie Heaney Boots  Tjwan Oei Newcomer 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Boots Kesha Boots  Maddison Glover Intermediate 64    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance Rainbow  
Cards On The Table Blake Shelton I'll Name The Dogs Ja Maggie Gallagher High Improver 32    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance   
Catfight Lisa McHugh You Ain't Woman Enough To Take My Man Ja Lorna Cairns Mursell Ultra Beginner 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Clap 'Em Derek Ryan Happy Man  Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Absolute Beginner 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Couldn't Leave You If I Tried Scooter Lee Couldn't Leave You If I Tried  Ivonne Verhagen Low Intermediate 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance Don't Mind If I Do  
Country's Smile Tony Ramey I'll Call You  The Dreamers Beginner 32 156    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Crank It To 10 Luke Combs Honky Tonk Highway  Lesley Stewart Improver 64    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance   
Crybaby Paloma Faith Crybaby  Gary O'Reilly & Helen O'Malley Intermediate 64    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance   
Daddy, I Know I Was Wrong Pussycat Daddy  Peter Thijssen & Iet Leijsten Intermediate 64 132    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance   
Dancing In The Daylight Scouting For Girls Dancing In The Daylight  Maggie Gallagher High Improver 64    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance   
Disco Fever Sylvester You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)  Dwight Meessen Beginner 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance Step II  
Doesn't Matter The Baseballs No Matter What Nee Francien Sittrop Improver 32   DCWDA / ACWDB 03-11-2017 4 wall line dance Hit Me Baby DCWDA137+ACWDB137 
Don't Cry Baby Paloma Faith Cry Baby  Alexis Strong  Improver 32    03-11-2017 2 wall line dance   
Don't Look At Me Kendji Girac and Soprano No Me Mires Mas Nee Raymond Sarlemijn Intermediate 32    03-11-2017 4 wall line dance