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I Heard It Through The Grapevine Michael McDonald I Heard It Through The Grapevine Nee Barry Durand Advanced 48 109  Smooth / West Coast Swing DCWDA 24-12-2006 4 wall line dance   
I Just Know No Worries Simon Webbe No Worries Nee Val Sim Beginner / Intermediate 32 96  Smooth / West Coast Swing  24-12-2006 2 wall line dance   
I Knew About Annie Sims Everything I Knew About Leavin  Thierry Horbach Novice 32 107  Smooth / West Coast Swing DCWDA 03-06-2008 2 wall line dance   
I Slipped And Fell In Love Alan Jackson I Slipped And Fell In Love Ja Kim Swan Novice 32 120  Smooth / West Coast Swing DCWDA 24-12-2006 4 wall line dance   
I'm Gonna Getcha Shania Twain I'm Gonna Getcha Good Ja Sandra Johns Intermediate 56  Smooth / West Coast Swing  24-12-2006 4 wall line dance Up  
I'm Gonna Getcha Good Shania Twain I'm Gonna Getcha Good Ja David J. McDonagh Beginner / Intermediate 32 124  Smooth / West Coast Swing  00-00-0000 4 wall line dance Up  
Just Country Delbert McClinton Leap Of Faith Ja Christopher Stimson Novice 32 120  Smooth / West Coast Swing DCWDA 31-12-2006 4 wall line dance   
Kick N Drag Band of Oz One Foot Dragging  Larry Bass Intermediate 48 133  East / West Coast Swing DCWDA 31-12-2006 2 wall line dance   
Kick N Rock Brooks And Dunn Mama Don't Get Dressed Up For Nothing Ja Pedro Machado Intermediate 32 127  Smooth / West Coast Swing DCWDA 31-12-2006 4 wall line dance   
King Of The Road Roger Miller King Of The Road Ja Pedro Machado & Jo Thompson Intermediate 32 klik hier Smooth / West Coast Swing Crystal Boots 2016 31-12-2006 4 wall line dance  CB16 
Knockdown Alesha Dixon Knockdown Nee Maggie Gallagher Intermediate 32 100  Smooth / West Coast Swing DCWDA / Ria Vos / ACWDB 31-12-2006 4 wall line dance  DCWDA50+RV0610+ACWDB50 
Little Darling Marvin Gaye Little Darling I Need You Nee Chris Cleevely Beginner 32 130  Smooth / West Coast Swing DCWDA 00-00-0000 4 Wall line dance I Heard It Through The Grapevine  
Livin' It Up Keith Urban ft. Nile Rodgers & Pitbull Sun Don't Let Me Down Nee Ivan Garcia Intermediate 48 108 klik hier Smooth / West Coast Swing DCWDA / ACWDB 30-10-2016 4 wall line dance Ripcord DCWDA128+ACWDB128 
Lonely Akon Lonely Nee Amos Ghui Beginner / Intermediate 32 90  Smooth / West Coast Swing  24-12-2006 2 wall line dance   
Make It Snappy Ronnie Milsap Snap Your Fingers Ja Bill Bader Beginner 32 112  Smooth / West Coast Swing DCWDA 26-02-2009 4 wall line dance Ronnie Milsap Super Hits  
Making History One Direction History Nee Craig Bennett, Dee Musk & Simon Ward Easy Intermediate 32 klik hier Smooth / West Coast Swing Ria Vos 31-01-2016 2 wall line dance Made In The A.M. RV1603 
Mates Of Soul Taylor John Williams The Mates Of Soul Nee Guillame Richard, Niels B. Poulsen, Gary O'Reilly Advanced 64 klik hier Smooth / West Coast Swing  28-04-2018 2 wall line dance   
Maybe We're Crazy Gnarls Berkley Crazy Nee H & Mad Cat Beginner / Intermediate 32  Smooth / West Coast Swing  24-12-2006 4 Wall line dance   
Memphis Fried Chicken T. Graham Brown Memphis Woman And Chicken Ja Vicki E. Rader Beginner / Novice 48 112  Smooth / West Coast Swing  24-12-2006 4 wall line dance   
Mesmerized Faith Evans Mesmirzed Nee Lady Rebel Intermediate 32 125  Smooth / West Coast Swing  24-12-2006 4 wall line dance First Lady