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A Good Thing Alan Jackson Too Much Of A Good Thing Is A Good Thing Ja Bob & Marlene Peyre Ferry Beginner 32 128   SDCWD 17-04-2006 4 Wall line dance What I Do SDCWD0602 
Beginner Winner Dwight Yoakam Fast As You Ja Sue Marshall Beginner 32 128   SDCWD 31-12-2006 4 wall line dance Last Chance For A Thousand Years SDCWD0602 
Black And Yellow Dance Vince Gill Old Time Fiddle Ja Ex Black And Yellow Dancers Beginner 68 144   SDCWD 31-12-2006 4 Wall line dance Next Big Thing SDCWD0602 
Get Along Kevin Fowler Get Along Ja Jan en Connie van den Bos Intermediate 32 122  Western Swing SCDF / DCWD 31-12-2006 4 Wall line dance Loose Loud & Crazy 000045+SDCWD0602 
Here & There / Here And There Clay Davidson We're All Here Ja Robbie McGowan Hickie Intermediate 64 136   Jos Slijpen / SDCWD 00-03-2005 4 wall line dance Unconditional SDCWD0602+JS0503 
Hurricane Jane Collin Raye Hurricane Jane Ja Kate Sala Novice 56 148  Smooth / Two Step DCWDA / LSCD / DCWD 26-02-2006 4 Wall line dance Twenty Years And More DCWDA43+000103+SDCWD0602 
Start Easy Jeanette O'Keefe Still The One Ja Stephen Howard Beginner 32 135   SDCWD 10-09-2006 4 wall line dance Line Dance Fever 7 SDCWD0602 
The Night Of Goodbye Josh Turner Unburn All Our Bridges Ja Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Intermediate 64 110   SDCWD 17-04-2006 4 wall line dance Long Black Train SDCWD0602 
Two Bottles Of Beer Lonestar Two Bottles Of Beer Ja Rob Jak Beginner / Intermediate 48 102   SDCWD 17-04-2006 4 Wall line dance  SDCWD0602