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Come Together 2013 Michael Jackson Come Together Nee Debbie McLaughlin Advanced 32   Ria Vos 23-04-2013 1 wall line dance History RV1304 
Crank It Up David Guetta ft. Akon Crank It Up Nee Daniel Whittaker Intermediate 64   Ria Vos 25-03-2013 2 wall line dance  RV1304 
Just Go Bozz Scaggs Just Go Ja Ria Vos Beginner 32   Ria Vos 23-04-2013 4 wall line dance Fade Into Light RV1304 
Late Night Call Nell Bryden Late Night Call  Kate Sala Improver 32   Ria Vos 23-04-2013 4 wall line dance What Does It Take RV1304 
Long Distance Love Melanie Amaro Long Distance  Dee Musk Intermediate 64 120   Ria Vos 18-04-2013 4 wall line dance  RV1304 
Maverockin The Mavericks As Long As There's Loving Tonight Ja Gaye Teather Easy Intermediate 64 183   DCWDA / ACWDB / CFD / Ria Vos / Jos Slijpen 18-03-2013 2 wall line dance In Time DCWDA100+ACWDB100+CFD1303+RV1304+JS1303 
Question Of Doubt Shaun Escoffery Who Is He And What Is He To You  Ria Vos Advanced 32   Ria Vos 23-04-2013 4 wall line dance Move Into Soul RV1304 
Rhythm Of The Night Timbaland ft. Francisco Rhythm Of The Night Nee Simon Ward Intermediate 64 110   Ria Vos 23-04-2013 2 wall line dance Rhythm Of The Night RV1304 
The Other Side Of Crazy Calaisa Crazy  Ria Vos Intermediate 48   Ria Vos 23-04-2013 4 wall line dance Hey Girl RV1304 
When I Was Yours Bruno Mars When I Was Your Man Nee Craig Bennett Intermediate 32   Ria Vos / Dance Fun In Line 23-04-2013 4 wall line dance Unorthodox Jukebox RV1304+DFIL1303 
You Got That Thang Uncle Kracker You Got That Thang Nee Rachael McEnaney Beginner / Improver 32 144   Ria Vos / DCWDA / ACWDB 23-04-2013 4 wall line dance Midnight Special RV1304+DCWDA101+ACWDB101