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Rocka Hula The Deans Rock A Hula Baby  Robbie McGowan Hickie Intermediate 182   LSCD / Jos Slijpen 00-09-2004 4 wall line dance Love Letters JS0409 
Share It All Eamon McCann Forever You'll Be Mine Ja Teri Ann Nolan  32 184   van Goethem 00-01-2004 Partner dance  VGP0401 
She's All That  My Baby's Everythin I Love Ja Shawnee Raven  64 146   van Goethem 00-01-2004 4 wall line dance  VG0401 
Shiv A Ree Shivaree Goodnight Moon Nee Maggie Gallagher Intermediate / Advanced 64 114   Jos Slijpen 00-11-2004 2 wall line dance Kill Bill 2 Soundtrack JS0411 
Side By Side Joni Harms We Work It Out Ja Patricia E Stott Intermediate 64 135   Jos Slijpen / DCWDA / ACWDB 00-05-2004 4 wall line dance Let's Put The Western Back In The Country JS0405 
Sky Full Of Angels Reba McEntire Sky Full Of Angels Ja Yvonne Anderson Intermediate 32 92   Jos Slijpen 00-09-2004 4 wall line dance Room To Breathe JS0409 
Suds In The Bucket Sara Evans Suds In The Bucket Ja Yvonne Anderson Intermediate 64 162   Jos Slijpen 00-11-2004 4 wall line dance Restless JS0411 
Swing With Me The Busboys / Magill The Boys Are Back In Town Nee Daniel Whittaker Intermediate 64 156   Jos Slijpen 00-09-2004 2 wall line dance  JS0409 
Talking Bird Alan Jackson The Talkin Song Repair Blues Ja Bonny Sue Martin Beginner / Intermediate 48 200   van Goethem 00-11-2004 4 wall line dance What I Do VG0411 
The Coast Is Clear Scotty Emerick The Coast Is Clear Nee Peter Metelnick Intermediate 32 112   Jos Slijpen 00-09-2004 4 wall line dance Coast Is Clear JS0409 
The Last Thing (On My Mind) Ronan Keating & LeAnn Rimes The Last Thing On My Mind Ja Maggie Gallagher Intermediate 32 100   Jos Slijpen 00-03-2004 4 wall line dance Greatest Hits JS0403 
The Other Side Of Dean Stacey Dean Campbell Why You Been Gone So Long Ja Janey Whitmore Beginner / Intermediate 64 170   van Goethem 00-01-2004 Partner dance  VGP0401 
The Real World D Side The Real World Nee Ruthie B. Intermediate 96 160   Jos Slijpen 00-05-2004 4 wall line dance Stronger Together JS0405 
The Storm In You Michael Martin Murphey I'm Gonna Miss You Girl Ja Hal Warner Beginner / Intermediate 48 100   van Goethem 00-11-2004 4 wall line dance  VG0411 
Those Words Back Then Billy Yates That's Just Me Ja Pam Johnsen Beginner / Intermediate 32 86   van Goethem 00-01-2004 4 wall line dance  VG0401 
Touches Skip Ewing I Wish I Was Somebody Else Ja Jim Corales Beginner / Intermediate 48 86  Rise & Fall / Waltz van Goethem 00-09-2004 4 wall line dance  VG0409 
Under Neath The Settin Sun Flaco Jiminez This Could Be The One Ja Jim Corales Beginner / Intermediate 64 116   van Goethem 00-01-2004 Partner dance  VGP0401 
Until The End 3T Stuck On You Nee Maggie Gallagher Intermediate 32 122  Cuban / Cha Cha Jos Slijpen / DCWDA 00-09-2004 4 wall line dance Hitzone 27 JS0409 
Where To Go From Here Eamon McCann Walk The Way The Wind Blows Ja Ryan Harlow  32 120   van Goethem 00-01-2004 Partner dance  VGP0401 
Where We've Been Alan Jackson Remember When Ja Lana Harvey Wilson Intermediate 32 63  Smooth / Night Club Two Step SCDF / Jos Slijpen 00-11-2004 4 wall line dance Greatest Hits II 000049+JS0411