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Rockin Pneumonia Ronnie McDowell Rockin Pneumonia Ja  Intermediate 32 115   WIDO 00-00-1997 4 wall line dance Country Dancers WIDO97 
Rose Of My Heart Susan McCann Rose Of My Heart Ja Bill Ray Beginner / Intermediate 48 klik hier Rise & Fall / Waltz WIDO 00-00-1997 1 wall line dance  WIDO97 
Running Lee Ann Womack Trouble's Here Ja Shannon Richards Beginner 32 186   van Goethem 00-11-1997 4 wall line dance  VG9711 
Salty Dog Rag Rodney Crowell I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried Ja   56 145   WIDO / DCWDA 00-00-1997 Partner dance  WIDO97 
Still Some Counts To Go Ty England Never Say Never Ja Justin D Kay Beginner / Intermediate 64 164   van Goethem 00-10-1997 2 wall line dance  VG9710 
Stroll Alone Cha Cha Shawn Camp Confession My Love  Rodeo Cowboys Beginner 32   WIDO 00-00-1997 4 wall line dance  WIDO97 
T Step Tracy Byrd The First Step Ja Janey Whitmore Beginner / Intermediate 32 156   van Goethem 00-11-1997 2 wall line dance  VG9711 
Take It Away Scooter Lee Take It From Me  Max Perry & Joanne Bradey Intermediate 32 110   WIDO 00-00-1997 2 wall line dance  WIDO97 
Teton Mountain Stomp California Raisins I Heard It Through The Grapevine Nee  Beginner 34 150  Smooth / West Coast Swing WIDO 00-00-1997 Partner Dance  WIDO97 
The Bug Dire Straits The Bug  Peter Michael Burke Intermediate 32 173   WIDO 00-00-1997 4 wall line dance Sultans Of Swing / The Very Best Of WIDO97 
The Country Way Of Dancing George Strait Overnight Male Ja Henry van Goethem Beginner / Intermediate 48 173   van Goethem 00-09-1997 2 wall line dance  VG9709 
The Long Road Tracy Byrd That's The Thing About A Memory Ja Curtis Harmon Beginner / Intermediate 40 116   van Goethem 00-09-1997 4 wall line dance  VG9709 
The Round About Way George Strait Round About Way Ja Carl Friedman Beginner / Intermediate 40 164   van Goethem 00-10-1997 4 wall line dance  VG9710 
Typical Rae Tracy Byrd Don't Take Her She's All I Got Ja Rae Dawn Philips Beginner / Intermediate 32 134   van Goethem 00-09-1997 2 wall line dance  VG9709 
Western Girls Vince Gill What The Cowgirls Do Ja Kurt Stockdale  72 154   Van Goethem 00-10-1997   VG9710 
Wild Cats Kentucky Headhunters Neck Of The Woord Ja Henry van Goethem  64 150   van Goethem 00-11-1997 4 wall line dance  VG9711 
Wild Jesse Philip Claypool Mile Out Of Memphis Ja Betty Lou Nelson  32 220   van Goethem 00-09-1997 Line Dance  VG9709 
Wings Of Love Vince Gill What If I Say Goodbye Ja Esther & Henry van Goethem Intermediate / Advanced 48 120  Rise & Fall / Waltz van Goethem / DCWDA / ACWDB 00-10-1997 Partner Dance  VG9710+DCWDA84+ACWDB84 
Young Ranchers Bekka & Billy Deal With Me  Pam Johnson  32 154   van Goethem 00-10-1997 Line dance  VG9710