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Busy Bee The Eagles Busy Being Fabulous  Daniel Whittaker Intermediate 64 100   WIDO 05-05-2008 4 wall line dance Long Road Out Of Eden WIDO0803 
Don't Be Cruel Marty Stuart Don't Be Cruel Ja Hazel Pace Beginner / Intermediate 32 174   WIDO 05-05-2008 Partner dance Marty Stuart / Toe The Line 2 WIDO0803 
Don't Cry On My Shoulder Sam Cooke Don't Cry On My Shoulder  Jo Thompson Szymanski Beginner / Intermediate 32 122   WIDO 05-05-2008 4 wall line dance The Man Who Invented Soul WIDO0803 
Love Trick Trick Pony What's Not To Love Ja Rachael McEnaney Beginner / Intermediate 32 163   WIDO / Jos Slijpen 05-05-2008 4 wall line dance R.I.D.E. WIDO0803+JS0805 
On The Wild Side Liz Talley Ready For Love  Rep Ghazali Beginner / Intermediate 32 161   WIDO 05-05-2008 4 wall line dance Road To You WIDO0803 
Wild Horses Garth Brooks Wild Horses Ja Jan Wyllie Beginner / Intermediate 32 120   WIDO 05-05-2008 2 wall line dance No Fences WIDO0803