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Baby I Know It Johnny Read & Carolyn Dawn Johnson Baby I Know It Ja Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Intermediate 80 118   Jos Slijpen 21-05-2013 2 wall line dance Fire It Up JS1305 
Come Crawl With Me O'Shea Swimming Song Nee Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Improver 40 118   Jos Slijpen 21-05-2013 4 wall line dance One + One JS1305 
Don't Kiss Me Just Eat Me Sushi Don't Kiss Me Just Eat Me Nee Rep Ghazali Intermediate 64 124   Jos Slijpen 21-05-2013 1 wall line dance Legalsounds JS1305 
Faking It Caro Emerald Tangled Up Nee Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Intermediate 48 100   Jos Slijpen / Ria Vos 21-05-2013 4 wall line dance  JS1305+RV1305 
Gone West Jason Meadows Where Did My Dirt Road Go  Roz Chaplin & Colin B. Smith & Lorna Mursell Improver 32   Jos Slijpen 24-04-2013 4 wall line dance  JS1305 
If There Hadn't Been You Billy Dean If There Hadn't Been You  Paul & Karla Dornstedt Easy Intermediate 32 89   Jos Slijpen 21-05-2013 2 wall line dance Best Of JS1305 
Leave It To You Greg Bates Fill In The Blank Ja Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley Beginner 32 126   Jos Slijpen 21-05-2013 4 wall line dance  JS1305 
Lullaby Nickelback Lullaby Nee Bill Larson Intermediate 64 138   Jos Slijpen 21-05-2013 2 wall line dance Here And Now JS1305 
Outta My Heart (Get Out) Casey Abrams Get Out  Johanna Barnes Intermediate 48 89   Jos Slijpen 21-05-2013 2 wall line dance  JS1305 
Tickle Mix Paul Bailey Tickle My Heart  Susanne Mose Nielsen Improver 32 124   Jos Slijpen 21-05-2013 4 wall line dance  JS1305 
When Push Comes To Shove Pistol Annies Hush Hush  Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Novice 64 152   DCWDA / Jos Slijpen / ACWDB 21-05-2013 4 wall line dance  DCWDA102+JS1305+ACWDB102