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Cliche Travis Tritt If The Fall Don't Kill You Ja Kate Sala Intermediate 34 89   Jos Slijpen 00-03-2004 4 wall line dance Down The Road I Go JS0403 
Creepin In Norah Jones & Dolly Parton Creepin In Ja Yvonne Anderson Intermediate 32 112   Jos Slijpen 00-03-2004 4 wall line dance Feels Like Home JS0403 
Do Wop Be Doo Be Doo Bay City Rollers Shang A Lang Nee Gaye Teather Beginner / Intermediate 32 131   Jos Slijpen 00-03-2004 4 wall line dance Shangelang JS0403 
Elliot's Dream Clay Walker Dreaming With My Eyes Open Ja Ann Wood Novice 48 180  Smooth / Two Step SCDF / Jos Slijpen 00-03-2004 4 wall line dance Greatest Hits 000017+JS0403 
First To Last Barry White You're The First The Last My Everything Nee Nigel & Barbara Payne Intermediate 64 132   Jos Slijpen 00-03-2004 1 wall line dance The Collection JS0403 
In vince ible Vince Gill Young Man's Town Ja Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Intermediate 64 98   Jos Slijpen / BCWU 00-03-2004 4 wall line dance Next Big Thing JS0403 
Maybe I Could Shakin Stevens I Might Nee Robbie McGowan Hickie Beginner / Intermediate 64 190 klik hier  Jos Slijpen / Crystal Boots 2016 00-03-2004 4 wall line dance The Hits Of Shakin Stevens vol 2 JS0403+CB16 
The Last Thing (On My Mind) Ronan Keating & LeAnn Rimes The Last Thing On My Mind Ja Maggie Gallagher Intermediate 32 100   Jos Slijpen 00-03-2004 4 wall line dance Greatest Hits JS0403