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Back In The Swing Jacob Lyda Back In The Swing Of Things Ja DJ Dan Improver 32 108 klik hier  Linedancepiet / CFD 29-03-2015 4 wall line dance Back In The Swing LDP1503+CFD1503 
Break Me Up Erika Selin Break Me Up Nee Kate Sala Intermediate 64 128   CFD / Ria Vos 29-03-2015 4 wall line dance Break Me Up CFD1503+RV1504 
Chasing You Around The Swon Brothers Chasing You Around Ja Vikki Morris Improver 32 120   CFD 29-03-2015 4 wall line dance The Swon Brothers CFD1503 
Hold My Hands Leslie Tom I'll Take The Fifth Ja Anna & Piet Meulendijks Easy Intermediate 32 124   CFD 29-03-2015 Partner dance High Maintenance CFD1503 
Memphis Love Roch Voisine That's How I Got To Memphis  Vikki Morris Improver 32   CFD 02-01-2015 4 wall line dance  CFD1503 
Over Getting Over James House & Natalie Noone Over Getting Over You Ja Yvonne Anderson & Gaye Teather Easy Intermediate 64 140   CFD 15-03-2015 4 wall line dance Songwriters CFD1503 
Rock & Roll King Electric Light Orchestra Rock And Roll Is King Nee Rachael McEnaney Improver 64 160   CFD 09-02-2015 4 wall line dance  CFD1503 
Sali De Cuba Piet Veerman Quando Sali De Cuba Nee Hanneke & Piet Meulendijks Intermediate 64 112   Linedancepiet / CFD 29-03-2015 Partner dance Mi Vida (My Life) LDP1503+CFD1503 
The Fifth Leslie Tom I'll Take The Fifth Ja DJ Dan Improver 32 124 klik hier   CFD 29-03-2015 4 wall line dance High Maintenance CFD1503 
Till It's Gone George Strait You Don't Know What You're Missing Ja Patricia E. Stott & Tina Argyle Improver 64   CFD 02-03-2015 4 wall line dance  CFD1503 
Wakey Wakey One-T I Woke Up Nee Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski Easy Intermediate 32 96   CFD 29-03-2015 4 wall line dance One T's ABC CFD1503 
We Wanna Boogie Andy Lee Lang, Sonny Burgess & DJ Fontana We Wanna Boogie Nee DJ Dan Improver 48 190 klik hier  CFD 29-03-2015 2 wall line dance Together CFD1503 
What Do I Do Leslie Tom What Do I Do With Me Now Ja DJ Dan Improver / Easy Intermediate 48 96 klik hier   Linedancepiet / CFD 29-03-2015 2 wall line dance High Maintenance LDP1503+CFD1503