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Good Girls Gone Bad The Jane Dear Girls Good Girls Gone Bad  Rachael McEnaney Easy Intermediate 48 130   CFD 10-07-2013 2 wall line dance  CFD1305 
Got My Baby Back Derek Ryan I Got My Baby Back  Maggie Gallagher High Beginner 32   Ria Vos / CFD 21-05-2013 4 wall line dance  RV1305+CFD1305 
Hoy Daria Zacarias Ferreira Hoy Daria Yo La Vida Nee DJ Dan & Winnie Easy Intermediate 64 105   CFD 10-07-2013 4 wall line dance  CFD1305 
Is This The End Danny Everett & Andres Don't Say Goodbye My Love  DJ Dan & Winnie Easy Intermediate 64 109   CFD 10-07-2013 4 wall line dance Keep On Indo Rockin 5 CFD1305 
Leave It To Me Chris Young I Can Take It From Here  Karl-Harry Winson High Improver 48   CFD 21-05-2013 4 wall line dance Neon CFD1305 
Roll Out The Barrel Dan Roberts Roll Out The Barrel  DJ Dan & Winnie Beginner / Intermediate 64 170   CFD 10-07-2013 Partner dance Beyond The Brand CFD1305 
Stoned Toby Keith Haven't Had A Drink All Day Ja Gaye Teather Easy Intermediate 48 158   CFD / DCWDA / ACWDB 10-07-2013 2 wall line dance Hope On The Rocks CFD1305+DCWDA103+ACWDB103 
Sweet Rock And Roll JD McPherson B.G.M.O.S.R.N.R. Nee Craig Bennett Improver 48   CFD 21-05-2013 4 wall line dance Signs And Signifiers CFD1305 
Why Don't You Ray Dylan Why Don't You Spend The Night  Diana Dawson Improver 32 106   CFD 21-05-2013 4 wall line dance Goeie Ou Country CFD1305 
You Got Away Ann Tayler You Got Away Ja Niels B. Poulsen Beginner / Intermediate 64 180   CFD 21-05-2013 2 wall line dance Let Your Momma Go CFD1305