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Both Eyes Open Clay Walker Dreaming With My Eyes Open Ja Lois Lightfoot Intermediate 32 174   LSCD 21-12-2008 Partner dance The Platinum Collection 000095 
Cry Baby Sean Hogan You Can't Cry Your Way Out Of This  Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley Intermediate 64 145   LSCD 21-12-2008 4 wall line dance Southern Sessions 000095 
He Will Be Mine Carlene Carter He Will Be Mine Ja Andrew, Simon & Sheila Beginner 64   LSCD 22-10-2008 2 wall line dance Hindsight 20/20 000095 
Love Was The Reason Shania Twain What Made You Say That Ja Alan Haywood Intermediate 32 93   LSCD 21-12-2008 4 wall line dance Shania Twain 000095 
Stars In Your Eyes Jerry Williams Did I Tell You  Anna Shaw Intermediate 64 130   LSCD 21-12-2008 4 wall line dance Greatest Hits 000095 
This Is The Time aka Wall Antlers Waltz David Cook Time Of My Life  Pepper Siquieros Intermediate 48 84   LSCD 21-12-2008 4 wall line dance  000095 
True Love Blaine Larsen Spoken Like A Man Ja Noel Bradey Intermediate 32 122   LSCD 21-12-2008 4 wall line dance Rockin You Tonight 000095 
Young Hearts The Bluebelles Young At Heart  Chris Hodgson Intermediate 64 116   LSCD 21-12-2008 2 wall line dance  000095