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Desperately Yours Andy Griggs You Won't Ever Be Lonely Ja Mike And Ann Repko Novice 64   SCDF 00-00-0000 Partner Dance Line Dance Hits From The Jukebox Vol. 2 000060 
Festival Fun Trick Pony Big River Ja Cato Larsen Beginner 32 188   SCDF 00-00-0000 2 wall contra line dance Trick Pony 000060 
Hold On Tight Chris Cagle Play It Loud Ja Sherry Heier Novice 32 103   SCDF 00-00-0000 4 wall line dance Play It Loud 000060 
One In A Row Trick Pony One In A Row Ja Peter Blaskowski Novice 32 111   SCDF 22-05-2006 2 wall line dance Trick Pony 000060 
Play It Again Sam Rodney Crowell I Could't Leave You If I tried Ja Stella Wilden Novice 32 137   SCDF 31-12-2006 1 Wall line dance Greatest Hits 000060 
Play It Again Sam Back Door If I Can't Find Love Ja Stella Wilden Novice 32 137   SCDF 31-12-2006 1 Wall line dance Greatest Hits 000060 
Talkin About Tonight Toby Keith I'm Just Talking About Tonight Ja Rita M. Kyle Intermediate 32 107   SCDF 00-00-0000 4 wall line dance Pull My Chain 000060 
This Moment Trick Pony Stay In This Moment Ja Jenny Rockett Intermediate 48 104  Rise & Fall / Waltz SCDF 00-00-0000 4 wall line dance Trick Pony 000060