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Dangerous Waters Garth Brooks Don't Cross The River Ja Michael Vera Lobos Intermediate 64 125  Lilt / Polka DCWD / SCDF / BCWU 17-10-2005 4 Wall line dance Scarecrow 000044 
Don't Let Me Fall Brad Paisley Hold Me In Your Arms Ja Gary & Cheryl Parker Novice 64 125  Triple Two Step SCDF 17-10-2005 4 Wall line dance Mud On The Tires 000044 
I Can't Be Bothered Miranda Lambert I Can't Be Bothered Ja Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher Intermediate 64 129  Lilt / East Coast Swing SCDF / Jos Slijpen 00-09-2005 4 Wall line dance Kerosene JS0509+000044 
I Love My Life Jamie O'Neal I Love My Life Ja Lisa Ferguson Novice 32 191  Smooth / Two Step SCDF 24-12-2006 4 Wall line dance Brave 000044 
I Wanna Love Again Dwight Yoakam I Wanna Love Again Ja DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Intermediate 40 132  Lilt / East Coast Swing SCDF 24-12-2006 4 Wall line dance Blame The Vain 000044 
Old Mexico George Strait The Seashores Of Old Mexico Ja Kate Sala Intermediate 48 158  Rise & Fall / Waltz SCDF 17-10-2005 4 Wall line dance Somewhere Down In Texas 000044 
Shame On Me Ken Mellons Shame On Me Ja Anna Balaguer Novice 32 136  Lilt / East Coast Swing SCDF 10-09-2006 4 Wall line dance The Best Of 000044 
Three Good Reasons Dwight Yoakam Three Good Reasons Ja Geoff Langford Novice 32 126  Triple Two Step SCDF 17-10-2005 4 Wall line dance Blame The Vain 000044 
You Are The One Carlene Carter You Are The One Ja Michelle Chandonnet & Marc Archambault Novice 64 205  Smooth / Two Step SCDF 17-10-2005 Partner dance I Fell In Love 000044